Ushering in a New Age of Fair-Chase, Mature-Buck-Effective Whitetail Hunting

My scientific studies of hunting-related habits, behavior and range utilization of wild whitetails began in the late 1960s and early 1970s in an effort to improve the hunting success of my first four children during their first “antlered bucks only” hunting seasons. What I learned worked so well that old-timers in the area were soon asking, “How come we can’t get buck’s like those taken by your kids?” Meanwhile, the new and unusual discoveries I had been making about the rut were so fascinating that I was soon hooked on hunting-related whitetail research.

Right from the outset, I considered it my duty to share what I was learning with whitetail hunters everywhere. Since then, I’ve written more than 800 articles about what I had learned about whitetails and whitetail hunting for a number of outdoor magazines, Midwest Outdoors throughout the past three decades. Beginning in 1988, I published a bestselling 9-book series entitled, Whitetail Hunters Almanac, each covering different subjects, created a number of DVDs including a 12-hour series entitled “Whitetail Hunters World,” presented countless hunting seminars nationwide and for 25 years personally taught hunters from all over America at my Buck & Bear hunting schools in the wilds of northern Minnesota. More recently, I began providing hunting instructions on my website, blogs, YouTube and Twitter.

After I published my 9th Almanac in 1997, my ever-patient wife who enjoyed accompanying me and photographing whitetails while I was doing my field research, finally put her foot down and announced, “You are now going quit writing books for awhile so we can do the traveling we always planned to do during winter months.” During the next 17 winters, we spent 3-4 months annually touring Texas, New Mexico and Arizona with our travel trailer. Not unexpectedly, we began making regular extended stops at lonely sites where we became well acquainted quite a few wild, desert southwest whitetails. In March 2013, my beautiful wife suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at one of our favorite “birding” sites in New Mexico.

Two years later with my research and hunting still ongoing, twenty years of important new findings piling up, including the best new fair chase mature-buck hunting method ever, it was time to begin writing Whitetail Hunters Almanac, 10th Edition. Being 80 years of age then, I figured this might be my last deer book, so everything new of importance that I wanted to share had to be put into this one book. It became a 518-page paperback version and a 749 page Amazon Kindle ebook version with nearly 400 photographs and 14 instructive diagrams. I devoted parts to disprove the many common whitetail myths, old and new, that had been seriously misleading American deer hunters for centuries. All six of my new and updated mature-buck-effective hunting methods had to be included, of course, especially “opportunistic stand hunting,” the amazingly productive hunting method that made it possible for my three sons and me to take most of the 97 mature bucks we have tagged since 1990 on public land inhabited by grey wolves. I also included an updated chapter on where and how to hunt mature bucks throughout the four-month whitetail rut with its five distinct phases and three two-week periods of breeding (first introduced in my 180-page Whitetail Hunters Almanac, 2nd Edition in 1889).

This 10th Edition represents many thousands of hours of sitting without sound or motion in elevated tree stands from primitive self-made platforms only six feet above the ground in the 1960s to modern portables 9–16 feet above the ground during all seasons. It represents millions of attacks by hordes of blood-crazed insects and ticks, countless periods of frozen fingers, toes, cheeks and my nose, maybe 100 pounds of icicles accumulated on my mustache and shivering during hundreds of cold rains, frigid winds and sub-zero temperatures. It also represents my 74 years of whitetail hunting with gun and bow, averaging nearly one mature buck per year since 1990, many of them trophy bucks now on the wall.  It represents more than a half-century of scientifically-based research with wild deer over much of America, research that would be very difficult to honestly duplicate by anyone today due to the simple fact that today’s mature whitetails are now very adept at finding, identifying and avoiding hunters using elevated stands. It’s therefore “a once-in-a-lifetime book, written by the only person uniquely qualified to write it.”

So here it is all you beginning to advanced American whitetail hunters, as promised long ago, Whitetail Hunters Almanac, 10th Edition, tirelessly edited by my new Editor, my very able son, John. It is the culmination of my life-long passion for field research with wild deer. It is guaranteed to make you “a regularly successful whitetail hunter,” or if you prefer, “a regularly successful buck hunter.” It is the world’s only source of instructions for using six new, much proven, fair chase, mature-buck-effective hunting methods that will keep you close to mature bucks and other mature whitetails every day you hunt – my promise.

This book is now available in two forms; an Amazon Kindle ebook and a paperback book. For a taste of its extraordinary whitetail hunting value, click now on the following: Dr. Ken Nordberg’s Whitetail Hunter’s Almanac, 10th Edition, ebook   Then click on “Look inside.” To quickly and easily order the personally autographed 8″ x 10″ paperback version go to: 



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